Blogging & Learning

Like most computer related skills, blogging has a learning curve.
If you started as a newbie, just like me, you´ll notice that everyday we have a chance to learn something new.
In my blogging journey, I learned most things I know from other bloggers and websites. So, whatever blog type you have, it´s a good idea to read other sites and socialize with other webmasters. We have much to gain if we don´t stay isolated in the blogosphere.
Currently, in my spare time (which isn´t much) I´m trying to improve my little HTML knowledge. If you check my blog about free resources you´ll find a recent post about this topic with a few urls of educational websites.
I also like to read other websites about blogging resources and tips. If you check my bottom bar, I recently added a button of a blog about blogging tips. This blog, is a good learning resource both for newbies and advanced bloggers.
In sum, a blogger who wishes to improve his/her blog needs to develop different skills (such as html, seo, building traffic, etc), writing is only one of them.
See you soon.

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Mira said...

Hi Mize, you can access my bravejournal using IE instead of FF. I just learned that today. is already trying to fix the problem, so hopefully sooner it's running smoothly already.

Mizé said...

Hi mira.
Thanks for dropping by.
I was using FF. I´m happy all is well now.
Happy week xx