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When you set up a blog in your own domain you have two hosting options. You can use a free service or a paid hosting.
Free hosting can be a good option for some blogging platforms, it all depends on your specific needs and how much you´re willing to invest in your blog.
If you need advice about webhosting, you can visit websites that review different providers and compare the services they have to offer.
Webhostinggeeks dot com is a website where you can read independent reviews of different webhosting providers to check the best deals that meet your specific needs. For example, in this website you can read reviews done by webmasters, check the top ten providers and find the best cheap hosting packages. All hosting plans reviewed include, at least, one free domain registration which is a good deal.
In Webhostinggeeks you´ll also find a section of hosting providers that offer Adwords vouchers. If you´re looking for hosting services in this website you can read different reviews, visit their Blog and get informed before buying.

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