Blogger Status: Doing Blogging Chores

For the second night in a row, I´ve been researching and reading. I got a bit distracted and didn´t finish my normal EC round.
I stumbled across a blog about saving money and living on a budget (trough another EC blog) and I got so curious that I couldn´t stop reading it. Like what happens when I´m reading an interesting book. I think I read most posts and the blog has over one year of regular updates. I will blog about this topic next time I update My Countryhome.
Besides reading, I spent some time doing other blogging chores such as analyzing stats, researching tools and I also tried some SEO tools and blogger plugins I never used before.
While researching for free blogging resources, I came across more websites that offer free skins for blogger, SEO articles, HTML Tutorials, free software and other educational resources. So, this are all good topics for future posts.
I also received more blog awards and tags, gotta work on them too.
See you soon.

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momgen said...

Hi I am Mommyko at Wonderful Things In Life, I am wondering if you want to sponsor a contest this coming February I appreciate if you can reply. Thanks.

You can offer cash from paypal, EC credits, domain, hosting or whatever you want to offer.

Mira said...

Hi Mize, how are you? Tks for wishing me well, hope you're feeling better yourself ;-). Hey girl you might want to sponsor a prize in my upcoming Anniversary Giveaway, you can read here I'd appreciate greatly whatever you can give *wink* Tks!

Mariuca said...

LOL! I get distracted too sometimes, so many interesting things out there yes? :)

Mariuca said...

Am on my Mariuca round now, happy Thursday Mize! :)