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In Portugal, we have both public and private health providers. In the public health system, which includes health centers and hospitals, any citizen can receive medical treatment without having insurance or other type of health care plan. Hospitals charge admission fees that are affordable to most citizens and provide effective diagnostic resources.
When we look to countries such as USA, everything is different. Most citizens need insurances and they have many different products and carriers' to choose from. My country is slowing moving towards this reality. Private hospitals are no longer managed only by doctors, they function as a profitable business and many provide better services than public providers. Another difference is the quantity of information available online.
For example, if you live in California you can find plenty information online and get a California Health Insurance Online Quote . You can also research requirements to contract a California Business Health Insurance for your company.
Due to rising health care premiums, insurance companies created HSA Plans California, which are high deductible and cover both illness and accidents. Another option is to purchase an accident policy to supplement your health insurance. You can also find specific insurance products for children and seniors.
With all the options available, before choosing any insurance, we should read all the information available and compare plans to do the best deal.

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