Blogger Status:Tired and Freezing

Hi everyone.
Lately, I´ve been working so much that now I feel tired, I really need some rest. Maybe it´s blogging burnout. As you know I blog at night, very late. Sometimes I think I should have called Night Clicks "The After Midnight Blog" :)
Yesterday, I only managed to update one of my blogs and, although I dropped until dropping, I didn´t finish my EC round. Sorry droppers but some days I just can´t return all drops.
Today, I´m sleepy again. I feel like going to bed early which isn´t very normal. Maybe I caught a bug again, I already started caughing and my throat is strange. I´m divided, I want to go to bed but I´d like to update my other blogs too. I think this weekend I need take one day off.
The weather doesn´t help much either, I´m freezing and I hate cold. I´ve been shaking all day, even at home. A North Pole front is hiting Europe and Portugal has been affected too. It´s snowing in north regions. I just hope it goes away soon.
See you.

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Babette said...

I hope you feel better soon Mize. Sometimes there are times when we need to stop and listen to our body. Get lots of rest. :o)

Mira said...

Your not alone Mize, I start my day very late at night, after all mothering and chores are done ;-( so I also have that lazy spell. Have a great weekend!

Mariuca said...

Oh Mize, u sound just like me! I have been feeling tired and sleepy earlier than usual too! It's okay to miss ur dropping, sometimes you're just not up to dropping 300 daily yes? Hope u get some rest this weekend. Hugs! :):):)

Monica said...

I understand that Mize! sometimes I have no energy to update my blog or do my EC chores too..:-D

Hope you feel better soon!

Liza said...

hi mize!

sometimes i feel like that you. like you, i also blog very late, until the wee hours of the morning.

the after midnight blog, lol, i like it :D

enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Mira said...

Mize, I hope you won't get sick. Take time off from blogging and get more sleep ;-). Listen to me, I should also practice what I'm preaching, LOL. Have a great week!

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Mizé said...

Hi Girls!
Thanks for your comments and also for your support/concern.
I´m with a flu but I´m fighting it with all my strength.
It´s been very cold here, not the normal temperatures for this time of year. I´m not used to this cold so I got sick.
I did rest a bit, hope this week I recover my energy.