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In my country we´re having very low temperatures and rain, everyone needs to wear extra protection. To protect ourselves from cold it´s preferable to wear several clothes´ layers.
This winter, my hubby needs a new raincoat. He has a leather jacket that he likes very much but it´s useless to protect him from rain. He likes that jacket´s model and wears it all the time but he needs another alternative. First, I thought about offering him one raincoat as a Christmas gift but then I decided to wait for January because it´s when the worst weather starts and shop promotions too.
I was browsing online clothes catalogs when I came across Sanyo Rainwear, a japonese company that, in 1986, was established in the United States.
Sanyo rainwear is made of Micro Polyester, Nylon, or Polyurethane, the best materials for water-repellant outerwear. Sanyo Rainwear also has men's raincoats with water proof lining and Breath Thermo technology. This store caught my attention because they have the same model I was looking for my hubby. They call this model, in the picture above, the Queensland shirt jacket by Sanyo Shokai.
This shirt jacket is made of Micro Pique Polyester and has Breath Thermo liner to keep the inside dry and warm. It also has zip out pockets to protect belongings. Queensland is a casual jacket but it can give him a stylish look in any occasion.

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