CD & DVD Services: Bison Disk

Bison Disk is an Orlando based company which provides DVD/CD duplication and replication services. This company manufactures discs and produces innovative disc packaging for companies in US.
If you don´t know the exact difference between duplication and replication, here´s a brief explanation:
Duplication is the copy process usually chosen when the order is for a quantity of 1000 or less units. It consists in copying content from a master to a pre-existing DVD or CD disc.
Replication utilizes an injection molding process to transfer the data from the master and create a brand new DVD or CD disc. This method is usually chosen when the order is over 1000 units and it has a lower unit cost.
Bison Disc offers full-service for any type of project and promises quick turnaround orders to bigger projects. Their services include disk packaging solutions, DVD production, creative and content services. They have an experienced team which is trained to answer your questions and provide guidance in every step of the process.
Bison Disc offers over a decade of experienced services and has many known companies as clients. They strive for reliable delivery dates, competitive quotes with no hidden costs, quality costumer service and 100% quality guarantee.

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