Entrecard: Top Droppers Day

Entrecard is promoting the "Top Droppers Day", an event that will take place in January 31.
Bloggers that wish to participate in Top Droppers Day have to write a post thanking and linking back to their blog´s Top Droppers.
As EC users know, this is a common practice among some bloggers. Others reward advertisers or top commentors but there´s also some who don´t do anything.
I´ve been doing a "Thank You Entrecarders" post for quite some time and I also reward top droppers with a one month sidebar (125X125) ad that includes a dofollow link.
I´ve been in EC since last July and, although returning drops can be time consuming, I enjoy it very much. Dropping can become addictive and sometimes overwhelming but without it I wouldn´t have found great blogs that I enjoy reading and became follower.
So, the question is: Are you in or out "Top Droppers Day"?

2 comentários:

Mariuca said...

Hey Mize, As u know I too give a free ad to my TD of the month. Maybe I'll write a post thanking all ten this month instead of just the free ad, we'll see! ;)

Mizé said...

Hi Mariuca!
Yeap, I know you do. You´re the blogger I know that rewards all readers and friends. If everyone was like you, blogging would be even better :)
I think I´ll keep doing the same, monthly ads in my sidebar with links.
Good Monday!