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In the past decade, the video games industry has grown exponentially. I read some statistics of 2008 that confirm the growth in the sales of most video game products. It looks like I can´t escape from this growing wave because I have a eight years old daughter that simply loves video games.
We have a Playstation 2 and one specific site to visit is Total Video Games. In this re-launched website we can read video game news, reviews & previews and not only for PS2 but also other consoles. This site also has daily video games news, game cheats and other daily content created specially for those who enjoy the virtual world.

2 comentários:

Mariuca said...

I got B a PS2 for his birthday several years back. I was hooked on it the first few months, but now it's been ages since I played any PS games! ;)

Mizé said...

Hi Mariuca.
We have a PS2 for four years now. I don´t play, it´s my daughter and hubby that do. Their favorite game is called "Radget".
They have lots of fun, my daughter also likes Sims Animals.
Happy Monday!