Magi´s Day: Portuguese Traditions

In Portugal, Christmas holidays end today.
On 6th January, we celebrate the Magi´ day. Traditionally, we only remove Christmas decoration after this day.
Another old Portuguese tradition is singing "As Janeiras". Janeiras are an old tradition that has been kept, specially in small villages. A group of adults plays and sings traditional music, door by door, wishing a good new year to others. Then, the owner of the house invites them to eat and drink.
This week, my daughter´s homework was to look for Janeiras lyrics. She didn´t know what it was so I took some time to show her how it works. I found several videos of "As Janeiras" in Youtube, so if you´re curious just make a search there and take a glance at our traditions.
Good Night.

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Liza said...

hi mize! same here, you call it magi day, we call it the three kings. classes normally resume after this and so with the decorations. :D

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Mizé said...

Hi Liza.
Oh... it´s the same there.
When I was writing this post, that´s exactly what I was thinking. I was wondering if it is the same worldwide.
Good Friday!