Cheap Web Hosting Services in the UK

UK Cheapest is a company, first formed in 1995, which was created to provide a Network Infrastructure Service and Support to corporations based in and around Essex and London.
In the past decade, this company developed and expanded their activities to provide other services in the website development area. UK Cheapest provides services such as cheap domain names, web hosting and a web site builder tool. With their hosting services there is no setup or additional charges. PHP and mySQL Database is included with all hosting accounts and there are no additional charges if you exceed your monthly traffic allowance. This last detail is very important if you can´t predict the amount of traffic you´ll have.
If you exceed your monthly traffic, they might ask you to upgrade your account if this becomes a regular problem. Besides this, a POP mail server (incoming) and SMTP mail server (outgoing) are included in all hosting accounts. There are no extras to buy and they don´t charge your account for hidden costs. You´ll only pay one year up front fee and they garantee 99.9% uptime and fast Linux based servers.
With UK Cheapest services you´ll have web hosting with all features included, which is a great deal to manage a website on a low budget.

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Bendz said...


Thanks for your visit and comment.

Nice info. about hosting.

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Mizé said...

Hi Bendz. You´re welcome.
I never tried the service myself but they offer a good deal, woth blogging about.

rhona_mi said...

Their are a number of really good linux hosts. Their is also a lot of websites that provide the information that can enable an individual to setup their own host I have found a number of tutorials while browsing the linux search engine.