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E-Referrer is a free tool created to link back to those who link to you. This tool is a script you add in your blog´s HTML which displays a widget that monitors visitors. If those visitors came from a link on another site, e-referrer registers this link in real-time and displays it on the widget.
E-Referrer provides several features to manage what will be displayed on the widget. You can customize how the widget looks, define how many referrers you want to display, manually delete any referrer, filter keywords, display by hit frequency or by date and time, etc. You´ll also find some video tutorials to learn about this tool.
Currently, E-Referrer is working on some new features to improve the program and they already launched eReferrer 2.0 Beta site. This service is totally free. It can be a good help to manage link exchanges and can create new reciprocal link opportunities.
I´ve seen this tool in use on other websites but I didn´t try it in my blogs yet. I think I will try it out. With this tool I will give some links out but I´ll know exactly who is linking to me and where visitors come from.

2 comentários:

Empty Streets said...

I totally agree especially since am using it to monitor first hand where my readers are coming from :) and it being free is totally awesome. It's like that wowzio gadget I have - it makes our blogs more visual and interesting :)

Mizé said...

Hi Metz.
Yeap, another good free tool for us.
I have to check the wowzio gadget better.
Good Wednesday!