Citizen Eco-Friendly Watch Collection

Citizen is one of the world´s largest watchmakers and a leader in timekeeping technology. Citizen was established in 1924, the year they sold their first pocket watch, and has grown exponentially in the past three decades. Since 1986, this company has repeatedly achieved the world´s largest watchmaker distinction.
Over the years, Citizen has been a very innovative brand. They have developed advanced technology such as the world´s slimmest LCD watch, the first voice recognition watch and the first professional dive watch with an electric depth sensor.
Recently, Citizen has developed an ecologically friendly watch collection of light powered watches which are called Eco-Drive. Eco-Drive watches never need batteries, they run continuously when exposed to any kind of natural or artificial light. The company promises that this new citizen watches last a lifetime. In the long run, a watch which is fueled by light can really be a money saver.
I´ve seen some Eco-Drive watches and I think they´re a good investment both for personal use or a gift. My hubby is crazy about watches, if he could he would make a huge collection. He´s just my opposite. Currently, I don´t wear any watch. The last one I had ran out of batteries and I started using only my cell phone watch. I really wouldn´t mind receiving an Eco-Drive watch, it would be a perfect Valentine's gift. My birthday isn´t far either, it could be a two in one present but I have to find a way to let him know.

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Mariuca said...

Hi Mize, I have a tag for you at Wishing on a Falling Star, have a great day! :)

Mizé said...

Hi Mariuca. Thanks!
You´re so sweet to always include me.
I first saw your tag on Bonoriau´ blog. It´s cool, I will sure do it.
Good Tuesday xxx