Music Monday X : Heróis Del Silencio

For today´s MM, I selected a group I started listening in the early 90s and became their fan.
The name of this group is "Heróis del Silêncio" (Silence Heroes) and they´re Spanish. They´re the only Spanish rock group I hear and I enjoy both their lyrics and music. I know many of you don´t understand Spanish or Portuguese. I like taking part in MM to share the music I really like to hear, no matter what language.
Herois del Silencio and their singer, Enrique Bunbury, were already nominées for Latino Grammy Awards in "Best Rock Album" cathegory. This song, "Maldito Duende", is one of my favorites from this group and this video is from their Tour 2007 DVD:

You can also visit Herois del Silencio Official Website for more info.

Update - Maldito Duende lyrics:

He oído que la noche es toda magia,
creí que un duende te invita a soñar,
y sé que últimamente apenas he parado,
y tengo la impresión de divagar.
Amanece tan pronto y yo estoy tan solo,
y no me arrepiento de lo de ayer,
las estrellas te iluminan y te sirven de guía,
te sientes tan fuerte que piensas
que nadie te puede tocar.
Las distancias se hacen cortas,
pasan rápidas las horas,
y ese cuarto no para de menguar.
Y tantas cosas por decir,
tanta charla por aquí,
si fuera posible escapar de este lugar.
Amanece tan pronto........

Happy Blogging Monday!

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LadyJava said...

Hiya Mize!!
Music is so universal, we don't need lyrics to enjoy them and I like this one..

Thanks again for joining MM.. I always look forward to all the choices!! :)

Mariuca said...

Mize, I like u introducing new music to us too. This one is interesting as well, I like the guy's voice and the tune is easy to follow he he, thanks sweetie! :):):)

Shemah said...

I love listening to new music. I'm not adverse to music in other languages too... it doesn't matter what the language is, as long as it's great music, everyone can relate.

I love your choice! Thanks for sharing! :)

Whateverebay said...

Me encanto esta cancion! Gracias por ponerla!

Empty Streets said...

Hi Mize,

I am back and first things on my agenda is to greet you a fantastic new year. I have missed being able to drop by and visit during the hectic holidays and am now back to my daily routine. :) lots of hugs and may the new year bring us all new and exciting things for all of us. :) I love your selection today. Always good choices as always.

Rozella said...

I've never heard of this song or band before, but I kinda like it. :) Thanks for introducing me to a new band. I'll def check them out!

Mizé said...

Hi. Thanks all for commenting on my MM.
I already added the Lyrics, hehe.

Anonymous said...

hi...thanks.. a linked you

Ane Fallarme said...

i don't understand the words, but i thought the song was quite sexy... :D i guess it has something to do with it being in a foreign language or something... :D i loved it! :D