Meeting People Online

While visiting other blogs, I came across several stories of people who meet online and start relationships. There are some bloggers that meet others and extend their friendship offline.
Last summer, I experienced this for the first time. I meet a blogger online, we exchanged links and comments for some time and then we meet offline. We meet for a coffee and spent some hours talking about our life, both online and offline. We said goodbye with the promise that one day we´ll meet again. This person lives in another country but visits mine for holidays. We still exchange comments and I think our friendship was enriched by the experience of our meeting.
When I first started blogging I never thought this could happen to me but it did. My experience was on a friendship level but there´s people who extend it further. Like me, you probably read stories of people who meet online and then get married. This stories make me curious about how this relations develop.
Probably, people meet in services such as 100% free dating or trough other social networks and then take a further step and extend that relation offline. Then, they meet again and their relationship develops from there. So, meeting online is just a starting point but it´s a totally different way of starting new relationships and a reality of our days. Technology is having a great impact on the way we relate and communicate with others and I wonder if it´s leading us to better quality relations or not.

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