Back To School

Our school vacations ended. This Monday is "back to school" time. We´ve been so lazy this past days.
Without fixed timetables we wake up, have meals and go to bed later than usual. It´s holidays after all and it feels really good.
I´ve been a worst student than my daughter because she did all her homeworks and I didn´t. In January, I´ll have to work harder to make it up.
On top of my shillyshally, my hubby had his company´s Christmas dinner on the same day I had an appointment with my teacher. I had to stay home with my daughter and missed the appointment. What´s worst is I didn´t warned my teacher in advance or contacted her after. I have to mail her first thing in the morning.
Well, it´s time to organize our backpacks and tomorrow off we go.
See you soon.

3 comentários:

Mariuca said...

Morning Mize! It's back to school time and also MM!! ;)

Mariuca said...

Have a great day sweetie, I've already dropped Mariuca on ur other 2 blogs yeeha! Am I early today or what?? :):):)

Mizé said...

Good Morning Mariuca!
Yeap, I´m preparing MM right now.
Yesterday I had over 300 drops here again, impossible to return. Oh my...
Happy Monday!