I Need To Do Some Renovations

This hollidays, I controlled very well my spending spree.
Although we´re trying to save money, the new year always brings me a desire for renovation. It´s the time of the year when I make plans about the things I´d like to achieve and reflect about the things I´d like to renovate in our space to refresh it. When we moved to this flat we had many expenses, we bouht some very low quality items, such as our mattress, a big mistake.
Nine years have passed and I realized I should have invested more on our sleep, instead of buying furniture for my flat´s entrance hall. I bought the cheapest mattress I found on the store and it was a bad decision that has been affecting our sleep quality for the past years. Each time I think about buying a new mattress, which is a big expense, something else comes up. Last time was our washing machine, it had no repair and we had to buy a new one.
I have to solve this problem soon, or else I will have bug problems. I was watching a TV show about this topic and I was in shock to find that, by now, my mattress must have some. There´s an online bed bug pest control guide that provides information on how to deal with this problem but my resolution maybe buying a new mattress. I don´t like bugs, I don´t know how to deal with them, specially those I cannot see.
I´m very domestic this days, now I´m also looking for solutions for my home office.
See you soon.

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