Mobile Phones Online Store

I was reading a friend´s blog post, that consisted of a mobile phone review, when I realized how obsolete my mobile phone is. I have a Samsung with nice features. I can take pictures, make small videos, access the Internet and I can also import files such as music and wallpapers.
I bought this phone four years ago and it was the latest trend. It wasn´t cheap, around three hundred Euros, but since I bought it I had absolutly no problem with it. It already fell on the floor a couple times and it´still working fine. The only disadvantage is size, it´s too big comparing to recent phones.
Well, right now I can´t afford to buy a new phone, but I like reading reviews of he latest trends and offers. If you´re in UK and you´re looking for mobile phones, there´s an online store you can visit to check and compare prices, called Mobilephonestore. is an affiliate of the official 3 website, they promote the best products available from 3. In this website you can check details for a 3 contract, find the phone or plan that suits you and check the best offers. This website features the best brands and also has mobile brand laptops and different accesories.

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