What Would You Celebrate?

My daughter´s birthday is arriving. She was born in February 7, and she´s turning nine. To celebrate this ocasion, we´re going to make a birthday party in our flat. She wants to invite some of her collegues, neighbours and cousins and I´m sure they´ll have fun toguether.
As most girls of her age, my daughter is a huge Disney fan. She likes the classic characters and all Disney princesses. Last weekend, we found some fun Disney birthday invitations with matching envelopes and all. Nedless to say that we visited Orlando Disney World website too. We found that this year, they have a special event called "What Would You Celebrate".
Easy question, I would celebrate my daughter´s birthday. if I could, I would buy some Discount Disney World Tickets online, fly to US and spend a whole week in Orlando with my family.
My daughter´s Godmother, which is also her aunt and my sister-in-law, lives in US. Last year, she sent us some amazing pictures of her and my nephews at Walt Disney World. I imagine that it´s like a small city with many fun things to see and do.
While looking for the invitations, we browsed the offcial Disney website too. The place is really big. There are so many attractions and shows to visit, such as Magic Kingdom, Disney's Hollywood Studios or Animal Kingdom, that only one weekend in Disney World wouldn´t be enough to see so many things. For nature lovers like we are, they also have Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground. This big campground features cabins that are just like hotel rooms. Disney World must be an amazing place. A trip there would be a perfect birthday present for a girl that loves fantasy and the fairy tales´ world, don´t you agree?

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