Blog Followers e Updates

It´s confirmed, there were some PR changes and not only in my blogs. Yesterday, while returning drops and bloghopping, I had the chance to check this information.

About Blog Followers: I´ve noticed that I have less followers in all my blogs but the number of feed subscribers hasn´t changed.
Yesterday, I read in another blog that Google is doing some changes in their readers and this followers became temporary anonymous, until all changes are done. I was wondering why Night Clicks lost over ten followers at once, but with my actual blogging path I wouldn´t be surprised if there were other reasons. I changed my blog into a mixed bag and those that look for blogging resources may get tired of my blog tags, awards and reviews.
I didn´t have the opportunity to research about this topic yet but as soon as I find more information I will update this post.

2 comentários:

Mira said...

Yay, I didn't even notice that I've lost some of my followers. It's good to know the reason is that Google is making changes. I hope they will come back when everything's done???

Mizé said...

Hi Mira.
I lost some followers too, maybe I´ve disapointed them with my paid reviews but Night Clicks is my main source of income, so "what the heck".
I just checked the new widget, it´s cool!
Good Thursday xx