Blogger Status: Doing Weekend Plans

Hi everyone.
A Good Weekend to all!
Today, I´m going to do an afternoon "program" with my daughter. We´re going to Algarve Forum mall.
First, we´re going to buy some groceries. After putting all bags in the car, we´re going to eat out. I´m not sure which restaurant to choose, yet.
After dinner, we´re going to the cimema. The last movie I saw in the cinema was "The Story of a Bee", in one of this programs with my daughter. The movie we want to see today is "Bedtime Stories".
After this evening out (which I´m sure it will be fun) I´m going to arrive home later than usual, around 23.30 pm.
Tonight, I´d like to update some of my other blogs and I also need to think about my next Music Monday post. With all this chores to do, this Sunday I won´t have time to post in Night Clicks, unless there´s a good reason.
But don´t worry, you´ll have enough to read in my previous posts :)
See you soon.

3 comentários:

Monica said...

Hello Mize! I hope you had a great weekend :-)

Mira said...

It sounded like a good plan! How did it go? Have a great week!

Mira said...

Btw, Mize, just a suggestion. Pls put a link on your other blog's widget in your sidebar so I can just click them from here to drop my EC card too *wink*