Social Media Marketing Campaign: A Case Study

IZEA, the company that owns Pay Per Post and Social Spark, recently completed Kmart´s social media marketing campaign.
Broadly speaking, a social media marketing campaign consists in the promotion of content, products or services using social networks. This campaigns can also include viral content that was created to be shared by users of social networks. Social networks can be considered the latest online trend to socialize with family and friends or to meet other Internet users.
I think that a social media marketing campaign can be very effective because it doesn´t focus on a single source of advertising and can have a wider reach. In online and offline advertising, the rules are the same: more exposure is better which is the same as "more visitors, more buyers".
In a short period of time the blogosphere has grown immensely. Many blogs have a large number of readers, followers and feed subscribers. This blogs have a vast audience and can be an effective resource to advertise different types of products. Word of mouth marketing can be effective for advertisers, like what happened in in Kmart´s campaign.
In this campaign, some bloggers received a compensation to promote Kmart in their blogs and were incentive to post about their shopping experience with this company.
Now that Kmart´s campaign was completed, IZEA did a Social Media Case Study, which results you can see in this slide show:


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