Blogger Status: Preparing a Birthday Party

Hi everyone.
I´m still a bit sick due to the rain shower I got but I just can´t stop. I´ve been busy preparing my daughter´s birthday party. I spent all day cleaning our flat and preparing the living room.
Late in the afternoon I went to the mall and bought two gifts, one for my daughter, a magicians box, and a bottle of perfume to one of her friends which celebrates her birthday next Sunday.
Tomorow, I need to order a birthday cake and buy the rest of fresh goods we need such as cheese, ham, fruit, igredients for pizza, etc.
This weekend, my mother´s is comming for the birthday party. As I mentioned before, when she´s around she wants my attention. I´ll probably skip most of my online chores but maybe at night I´ll have some time to return drops and update some of my blogs.
Well, one thing is sure, I´ll have a lot of work but also fun.
See you soon.

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