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In general, European families are changing. There are different types of families (single parents, reconstructed, etc), the number of newborn child diminished and divorce rates are higher than ever.
Families aren´t perfect, as most relationships, but the problems members face can have a great impact in it´s harmony.
In my country seeking family and marriage counseling is now becoming an option but many don´t use this resource mostly due to it´s cost.
In other countries such as US counseling services, and other social areas, are more developed. Counseling is seen as a common practice and it´s not faced as a sign of serious mental disease. Many people in my country are still confused about the different therapeutic services.
If you live in US or Canada, you can check The Family and Marriage Counseling Directory to find this type of services in your residence area. This Directory Website, which started in 2003, lists results using search engine searches.
In this Directory there´s a special section of advertising for therapists where professionals can get listed for a fee.
The Family & Marriage Counseling Directory also gives access to a network of therapists that provide live, professional phone counseling. In this website you can see which counselors are available, schedule sessions online and find other related resources such as national organizations, e-zines, self help and universities.

3 comentários:

Shinade said...

Wow it's good to hear something good about America.

But the sad part is that the only reason our family counseling resources are so accessible is because of our extremely high divorce rate.

Wow how's that for a run on?

I do have to say though that in general Americans are no longer judged if they are seeing a shrink, or therapist. I love my shrink!!

Hubby's headed home this gotta' dash!

Mariuca said...

Hey Mize, dropping off some EC love for you. Desperately trying to finish my EC round and I'm only at Thanks lol! ;)

Mira said...

When I came to US, even if I knew how different the culture is compared to where I came from, it never ceased to amaze me how openly certain issues are talked about. Like having a shrink seems to be a very common and healthy thing, when in some countries it is something that is kept discreet as it may connote 'mental illness'. Nice post, have a great day!