Some Experiences With My Parenting Blog

I´ve mentioned somewhere that one of my latest blogging adventures was starting a blog where I share parenting experiences and thoughts.
Parenting and education are topics I enjoy and are included in my area of studies. I find that writing about this topic can be very interesting and, at the same time, educational.
First, when I started my parenting blog, I wasn´t thinking about ranks and didn´t get many backlinks but later I decided to put in practice some of the things I´ve learned. For example, I only gave a few links out to good related websites and started paying more attention to keywords.
In the previous update, my parenting blog got rank one, but it didn´t last long. After a week, it went back to grey. In that week, the only change I did was adding a third part code from a paid reviews company. The next thing I know, my rank had vanished.
I also checked my outgoing links to see if I was linking to any "bad neighborhood" but the result was negative. All was fine with my links.
Although I´m not sure if it´s related, I already had a feeling that this third part codes was a factor to flag a blog. After my latest experiences I´m now a bit more convinced. My next step with this blog is trying to improve the number of backlinks and check what happens.
The decision of accepting paid advertising is related to the recent changes. With two blogs maybe I will be able to keep earnings as they were before the economic downturn. Another factor that determines my online earnings is currency. European currency and US´ have some differences that I always need to consider.
Well, that´s all for now. I´ll be back to this topic if I find any changes.
See you soon.

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Liza said...

At first it was quite hard to understand how google does it, but later on I realized backlinks is the key. You need to get as much backlinks as you can. :D

Btw, you have been awarded. Please grab it here.