Blogger Status: What I´m Up To?

Hi everyone.
I haven´t tried to fix my PC yet, I´m avoiding the frustration. I´m still using S. notebook but I have to fix mine very soon because he will need this one.
So, what I´ve been up to?
I bought another domain with a discount code but I haven´t touched it yet. I think I was lucky, the five letter domain I wanted was free. In the next weeks, I´ll be working in this project too.
In the past days I had a few good opportunities I couldn´t miss. Even with this opportunities I won´t be able to reach the same amounts I was doing last year. Plus, the dollar is so low right now. I´ve been waiting for a better exchange rate since December but nothing seems to happen.
My school stuff is another priority right now. To read articles and work on my project I have to unplug, which is sooo difficult for me this days.
Ok, enough musings. Right now, I´m off to EC :)
See you soon.

4 comentários:

Mira said...

Wow, are you adding another blog? Congrats and goodluck!

Monica said...

hello Mize! congrats on your domain purchase and happy blogging! ;-)

Cacai_Nad said...

Hi Mize, you don't know me but perhaps u might visit my blog if you're not busy anymore. I was stumbled upon this post of yours and got me interested for I can relate with your article. We're of the same level of busy-ness. Blogging at the same time schooling is conflicting sometimes for both are important- balancing our time is hard sometimes. For me, I did this at night too after all the kitchen chores and continue in the morning for my class is at the afternoon. Do take good care of your health too. Take 1 multi-vitamins daily- this is just a friendly unsolicited advise for u for I do believe of the saying "health is wealth". So then, happy blogging and learning from school Mize! have a pleasant day! Muahh for u! Kudos!

Shinade said...

Hi Mize',
Wow good luck with the new blog. I can't wait to see it!!:-)