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During summer vacations, one TV show I used to watch was Miami Ink in People and Arts channel. You probably know or heard about this series. It´s about a Tattoo store in Miami and it´s artists life. This TV series shows the whole process of doing a tattoo and the stories people associate with them. For me, this was probably the most interesting part of this show, knowing the symbolic meanings and why someone prefers a certain tattoo design. Trough this show, I learned about some of the best tattoo artists in US and how this shops are forbidden in some states.
Here in Portugal, tattoos stores are completely free and you can find them in major cities. Some years ago, tattoos were mostly associated with soldiers and mortars but nowadays it´s common to see them in all types of persons, specially in young adults.
If you like live chat websites and tattoos, Chatcity combines it all in only one place. Chatcity has a Tattoo Chat Room for all users that like to meet people online and chat about their common interests.
To use Chatcity you will need Internet connection, a PC camera and one e-mail. Chatcity websites are totally free, you just need to register using your e-mail. In the website you can create a profile with avatar to share more information with other users.

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