Funny Spam E-Mails

I don´t know if having my mail in my blogger profile helps but, lately, I´ve been receiving so much spam that I sometimes avoid opening my e-mail. I had days when it took me over one hour to delete all the junk mail I received in three of my mail accounts.
I do receive a lot of incredible make money offers. I also get sales letters of wonderful products that will help me get rich really quick, without any efforts.
Yes, I get those mails about someone who inherited a great amount of money and needs my help to transfer that jackpot to my bank account. I also won a lot of prizes of companies that don´t exist and even won the BMW lottery.
Ah! A BMW... woudn´t mind having one :)
I also get mails advising me that my Alertpay account was blocked due to illegal activities and now I need to provide all my data. The curious thing is I don´t even have one of this accounts.
Recently, I created a Yahoo mail to escape all this mess but after three days the nightmare started again. I don´t remember giving out my mail to anyone, except my family.
The list could go on and on. Oh my! How can I get rid of all this garbidge from my mail-box?

3 comentários:

Monica said...

oh I wish I won a lottery too..LOL!

Sandi said...

Most of my junk mail goes to the junk mail folder and then I just empty it. I don't even really notice it that way. A few do manage to get through though.

Mariuca said...

I get a lot of viagra mails and it pisses me off! he he...stay away!!