Small Luxuries

One luxury I would love to have is a hot tube.
Recently, I was browsing a website about tubs and came across this wonderful Jacuzzi that made me dream of having one myself.
I used to do a Jacuzzi after swimming but having one hot tube in our garden must be really great.
If you have a hot tube and you need a good protection there´s a UK website, Hottubs2buy, that sells Spa and hot tub covers. Hot tub covers should be substituted every five years and can be replaced by custom made covers.
Hottubs2buy provides costume hot tube covers made of marine-grade polyester to ensure the very best in quality and durability. They also offer a 3 year warranty and quick delivery.

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Empty Streets said...

Hi Mize,

I just dropped by to see how things were with you and hope that you have a great valentines day this weekend with your loved ones :) and as for the spam you can always try to notify your email provider. Me I use my outlook and eudora to help figure out the spam issues :) Hope that helps :) till the next time x0x0

Mariuca said...

I'd love a hot tub too Mize!!! It would be great to realx in one after a night of dropping LOL!!

Liza said...

I like jacuzzis too, right after swimming it's very relaxing.

Hope you're having a great day.

Mommy's Little Corner

Shinade said...

oh just thinking of one relaxes me so much!! I want one too!!:-)

Lanie said...

Hi Mize, thanks for the comment in my blog. I haven't recieved email from you, just let you know. Thanks

Fhaye said...

Wish I could have that one also in our garden.