Spring Time

Today, I feel like posting a recent picture of almond flowers because Spring is arriving to Algarve. I really don´t like cold weather and I´m happy to finally see our "unique" Sun. Yes, unique. At least, that´s what most foreigners I´ve meet say.
Good weather means I can have my leisure time outside. I can finally put in practice one of my new year´s resolution: Swimming pool, park, more exercise! I also need to find some time to take care of our plot, there´s a lot to be done there but this is a topic for My Countryhome.
I´m off to EC, see you soon.

3 comentários:

Crissy said...

Dropped my card here Mize. Its really great to have good weather for more fun and activities.

Monica said...

Hi Mize! it's time for love and flowers to bloom ;-)

kreations said...

I am so envious of your Spring time coming already. I have a sold 2 more months before we get some decent weather.