Music Monday

Hi everyone.
Hope you had a good weekend.
I was introduced to this week´s MM singer by an English friend, Amour, when I was 18. A long time ago...:)
I lost contact with this friend but Chris Rea will be always on my mind, and not only as a symbol of our friendship, his music is great.
Today´s song is "The Road to Hell":

Good Monday to All!

5 comentários:

Mariuca said...

Wow, interesting choice from u this week Mize! I hope u are feeling better today? Happy MM! :):):)

Carlota said...

surprisingly i really like the song.

Happy Monday. got your message by the day.

Mizé said...

Hi Mariuca.
Thanks for your visits, you are an awsome friend!
A bit better today. I went with my daughter to celebrate Carnival, it was cool!
Still gotta check your MM.

Mizé said...

Hi Carlota.
Thanks for visiting. I´ve been offline for a while.
Cool you liked Chris Rea, it´s an old tune but very enjoyable.
Will wait for your contact.
Good Tuesday xx

Rozella said...

Wow I haven't heard this song in ages! Hehehe Thanks for putting it up. :)