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Hello everyone.
My friend Mariuca, from Mariuca Perfume Gallery and Wishing on a Falling Star, invited me to join the Birthday Tag. I´m supposed to list my 10 birthday wishes and tag 10 friends.
Although I don´t have ten friends to tag, I´d like to thanks Mariuca for her wonderful support and for always remebering me!
My 10 birthday wishes:

1. Health
2. Peace
3. Concentration to do my thesis
4. A car (can be second hand)
5. Luck for my online endeavours
6. Fix my notebook (it´s not fixed yet)
7. Luck for my tenants so they always pay the rent
8. A job
9. A better digital camera
10. A new matress (really need one)

Well, my birthday is near. I don´t think I´ll be able to have all the things in my list because some of my wishes are pretty subjective. At least, I shared with you my deep thoughts.
See you soon.

10 comentários:

Monica said...

Hi Mize! you've been tagged here,
have fun ;-)

Mizé said...

Hi Monica.
Uauu, really?
Thanks :) :)
I will check it asap. By the link I can see it has something to do with pictures...
Good Tuesday!

Mira said...

Hi Mize, how are you? Thanks for still visiting my blogs, even if I was not reciprocating lately. I was out of the house at most times doing a lot of things, and I get very tired at night I would rather just go to bed than blog, lol.

Anyway, I hope all your bday wishes come true, when is your bday? *wink*

Mariuca said...

Mize!! When is ur birthday dear? ;)

Mariuca said...

He he, I'd love to get me a new digicam too Mize, a white or pink one would be superb LOL! ;)

Mariuca said...

Thanks so much for playing along Mize, I hope u had fun yes? ;)

PS. Feel free to join me and the rest of the gang in our brand new club! Come see at WOAFS later! :):):)

Mizé said...

Hi girls.
Sorry I couldn´t answer soon. Right now, my offline life is a bit upside down and to relief stress I celebrated Carnival with my daughter.
Yesterday, I didn´t finish my online chores, only had time to do opp.

Mizé said...

Mira and Marzie:
My birthday is April 13.
I was born in a Friday 13th in 1973. So, 3 and 13 are my lucky numbers :)

Mizé said...

I´m Ok...still not very well. To make things worst me and my daughter caught a flu again. I´m so tired of this winter flus, lol.
Well, Spring is arriving... better days will come.
I read your updates and know you´ve been busy.
Don´t worry about reciprocate!
You visit me whenever you can. I also can´t promisse to return all drops.
Good Wednesday xx

Mizé said...

Oh, a Pink camera :)
You like pink very much, don´t you?
It´s one of my favorite colors too.
Loving pink very much has a regressive meaning but things in Pink are so girly and sweet that I can´t resist them either:)
I think I won´t have a new camera so soon. I´d better fix the bad photographer in me, or else no camera can help me out :) :)
Good Wednesday!