My Actual Communication System

Lately, I´m thinking about changing my current Internet provider. I have a three in one system that includes cable TV, phone and Internet with no limits of usage. This plan is good, it combines the three services for a lower price than contracting them independently.
At first this looked like the perfect solution but since I started using a Prepaid Phone Card for long distance calls I´m not happy anymore.
It doesn´t make much sense to pay for a phone line maintenance every month when I only use it for the Internet. I receive more calls than I do and most friends call me to my cell phone. Since I found about this Calling cards deal that saves me money I think I will contract another provider.
The new Phone Cards available can be recharged and have a point program. Some of this cards don´t have the connection, service or maintenance fees so I only pay what I really use. Plus, I can recharge the phone card online with Paypal or any of the four major credit cards. With this phone cards system I can save money and don´t need to worry about the bills when I call my family abroad.

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