To My EC Droppers

Hi everyone.
First, I´d like to thank all EC droppers that daily visit Night Clicks.
I know how hard it is to keep up that´s why I´m writting this post.
In the next days, due to some offline chores, I won´t be able to return drops as usual. As I mentioned in previous posts, I´m doing my taxes and have other legal things to take care so I´ll have less free time to be online.
I also have a chore I need to take care, urgently. I´m finally trying to fix my notebook. Maybe I need to reboot it so, tonight, I will look for the recovery CD. Tomorow night I will try to fix it. I need a couple hours to save everything I have in CDs but if I reboot it maybe the problems will be solved. I´m crossing my fingers for that.
Once again thanks to all!

4 comentários:

Mira said...

Hi Mize, visiting and dropping my EC on a late Monday night!

Liza said...

Don't worry dear, I'll still be here. :D Good luck on rebooting, I hope you fix the bug. :D

Life's sweets and spices

Mizé said...

Hi Mira.
Thanks for visiting!
Only now I could answer your comment but yesterday I visited your blogs and read your updates.
I know you´re busy with your offline chores and you had a very pleasent Valentine´s :)
Yesterday I celebrated Carnival with my daughter and we had a fun time.
See you soon.
Good Wednesday !

Mizé said...

Hi Liza.
Thanks! Your´re my top loyal dropper!
How can I ever thank you?
You know I can´t keep up with it but don´t forget me.
I wonder how you manage to drop so much with so many blogs at the same time...can you share your "secret"?
Good Wednesday xx