Finding Knowledge Online: Life 123

I was searching for parenting information on the Internet when I came across a useful website called Life123 that I´d like to share with you.
Life123 is a website where you can find articles about life topics written by experts, editors, and other writers that contribute to this website. Life 123 has a writer community of serious writers that get paid for their contributions.
Life 123 covers a wide range of topics such as: Beauty, Career, Hobbies, Food, Health, Holidays, Parenting among others. While browsing the website I also found useful information on diverse topics such as family cruises, relationship advice and money. If you have a question about any of this topic, this website only displays filtered results and save us time because we don´t have to search for information in different websites.

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. said...

hi there... greetings from Jakarta Indonesia..

sorry for pop-up from nowhere... i just see you around on Dorothy L blog... i'm here just droppin' by and wanna make a good relationship with anyone...

thnx a bunch... nice blog you had here :) ciao!

Anonymous said...

Good search! Every time I came to your blog - I get to know something new and informative! Thanks Mize!

Mizé said...

Hi. Welcome!
Greeting from Faro, in Portugal.
You can "pop-up" anytime :)
Glad to know you like my blog. Do you have a blog too?

Mizé said...

Hi Nilz.
Thanks for your visit and compliment!
I changed my blog into a mixed bag but I´m very happy to know I still provide some useful stuff :)
Have to visit Ikolkata too.
See you.