Blog Tag from Monica: Photo Challenge

My friend Monica, from Turn you Off blog, invited me to join her in a photo challenge.
First I thought I had to take a picture with a specific topic, but it´s simplier than that. The rules are, go to the 6th folder in the folder with all your photos and select the 6th photo and post it. It´s simple.

Since my notebook caught a virus while bloghopping, I´ve been using my hubby´s. Most of my pictures are in my notebook but I´ll join the challenge anyway. The photo above was taken by S. in Algarve´s rally in a sunny afternoon.
Thanks Monica for tagging me!
I had fun and the opportunity to post more Algarve pictures :)

4 comentários:

Dorothy L said...

Nice photo shot.
I have not entered any contests as of yet. More the fact that I am too darn busy with life itself and all of the internet stuff that I do.
It has been fun to watch everyone that does get involved though.

Have a nice day!

Mira said...

That's a great one. I hope your notebook will be restored soon.

Monica said...

Wow! nice shot Mize & I'm glad you had fun ;-)

Mizé said...

Hi Dorothy.
Thanks for visiting and commenting.
This isn´t a contest, it´s a blog tag from a fellow blogger.
Glad you liked the picture, it was totally random.
I also don´t have much time but I´ve created bonds with a few bloggers and I feel bad when I don´t participate in something they expressly invited me with a link from their sites.
Sometimes I take a long time to post tags and awards but as we say "better late than never" :)
Good Wednesday !:)