Chatting About Anime

If you like to meet and chat live with people from other parts of the world about specific topics, there´s a website called Chat City which you can use for free.
After being introduced to this website, I found that it has several chatrooms around different topics of my interest. For example, if you like Anime and Manga, in this website you´ll find a specific room to chat about it.
Anime has so many different characters and adventures that fans have plenty of topics to chat about. For us in the Occident, Anime is all animation that comes from Japan.
Anime has became increasingly popular and not only in Portugal. If you search the Internet for this topic, you´ll find that anime fans worldwide created different websites and blogs around different characters.
In my house, the most popular anime are Doraemon, Minky Momo and My Melody and in my country everyone knows Dragon Ball. My daughter is the biggest fan of anime and because we have cable TV she can watch all her favorite series.
If you´re an adult and you like live Anime Chat, you can register in this website using only an e-mail address. It´s a fast and simple process after which you can start using the chatrooms right away.

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