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Do you remember a recent post where I mentioned I was bit disappointed with a certain paid reviews company?
Well, today I´d like to share with you my recent experience with "Buy Blog Reviews" (BBR), the company I had in mind when I wrote that post.
I joined this website in October 2008. In late November, I received a direct hiring request from a client which was interested in a technology review. I wrote the review and it was approved by the advertiser in December 3.
This website´s TOS refers that payments are made every 15 days and if we´re not paid in the first cycle after the review is posted, we will be paid in the next. According to this website´s TOS, I should have been paid in December 15 or in the next cycle.
I waited and waited but nothing happened. This company pays trough Paypal and I know this payment processor is very quick and effective. If someone wants to send money to other person, the process is quick and can be done in just a few minutes.
In January 22, I contacted BBR support for the first time and they answered my mail two days after saying my payment was in process. I waited and waited but once again, nothing happened. I decided to e-mail them again and used a different tone but this time I had no answer.
A few days ago, I received another offer to do a review. I didn´t do this review, for obvious reasons, and contacted support again explaining the whole situation again. Once I didn´t have any answer, I was very sceptic and started suspecting this website was a scam. I was ready to delete the post and say bye bye to the money but I promised myself I would blog about it so other bloggers know.
To my surprise, I received their payment in February 21. Almost three months after I posted my review. If they take so long to pay, why does their TOS says 15 days?
Maybe it´s me. I´m the unlucky person which papers and payments always get lost. Supermarket machines get stuck when it´s my time to pay, etc.
A Good Night to all.

2 comentários:

Mira said...

Wow that took a really long time. I must have written once or twice with BBR but never had the same problem. Good thing your persistence paid off. Have a good day.

Lanie said...

I am member of this paid company as well, but I didn't grab the opps.