My Home Office Project

Hi everyone.
One of my new year´s resolutions was to organize my home office. Most times I work in my kitchen, I replaced one of the kitchen chairs for a confortable office chair but once it´s the most cold room in the flat it´s not the best solution. I almost turned my kitchen in an office which isn´t practical at all.
Two years ago, we decided to make a small office in my mother´s room, which is vacant a good part of the year. I already bought a desk and a small library but I didn´t have the chance to complete this project. In the meanwhile, I bought more books and now my small library isn´t enough for so much paper.
After looking in a few shops, I decided to buy bespoke home office furniture that matches my existing library. If I buy a costum office furniture I can chose both the materials and design I like without doing a complete renovation. My perfect home office doesn´t need to be big, one corner furniture with lots of space for books and CDs, a good chair and enough light would be perfect.
I really need to organize my work space, so from now on I´m entering the frugal mode. I will try to save all I can to complete my home office project, after all I deserve.

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Monica said...

Good luck with your home office project Mize! ;-)

Shinade said...

Hi Mize',
So how's the resolution coming along?

I just made one today. As soon as I finish my drops. I am taking a break.

I have really been over doing again and I am exhausted.

So I'm going to post some pictures, leave a sweet note, and I'm not going to worry about anything until Monday.

I am simply going to rest, watch old movies, get my house clean, and blog hop for fun!!

Wish me luck. I always say this and never stick to it...LOL!!:-)))

Mizé said...

Hi Monica.
Thanks for your visit.
I´ve wanted to do this for so long...but there´s never spare money to invest in furniture.
Writing about this topic makes me remember how much I still need to do to have my space the way I like it.
Good Thursday xx

Mizé said...

Hi Jackie!
Lol! have "been over doing again" ?
Be careful not to distress. I think your resolution is great! Cleaning the house with nice music, cosy in the sofa watching old movies, popcorns?
Oh...I miss reading books.
Sometimes I just unplug. I recently took two days off EC dropping.
I think everyone understands my absences, specially other bloggers.
Take care and enjoy a great Weekend!

Lanie said...

hi Mize, thanks for the nice message you left me in my blog. We are still sick and I hope you feel better as well. tc