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Hi everyone.
I took a couple days off dropping ECs to put in practice some of my new year´s resolutions. Yes, it´s easy to make resolutions but harder to pursue them.
I finished most changes I had planned for my domain blog and made a new widget for EC. It took me a few nights to put everything right but now I´m finished, and tired too :)
You can laugh right now, I made the widget myself using a photo editor and a picture marker software. I used the image from the header and voilá, a new widget for free :) I hope I´m not breaking any copyright once the layout was free too.
I changed the layout fairly fast but spend a good amout of time writing new posts and organizing labels. I also made one of my frequent deviations to research a Portuguese niche. I´m working to have better Adsense results, which isn´t that easy.

A note to my EC fellows, advertisers and droppers:

I changed my blog´s categories in EC. Night Clicks and NetSource can now be found in the Mixed categorie. My Countryhome remains as a Travel blog only because I´m not sure if I should put it under the Personal Finance categorie. Any suggestions?
I felt the need to change EC categories because my current blogging topics are more mixed than focused in a particular topic. Before, my blogs were under bloging resources and technology categories but, currently, I think the Mixed categorie is a better description.
Although I ranked well in the previous categories I think I did a fair change and I´m blogging about it so others know where to find my blogs.
See you.

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Liza said...

I love what you did at netsource, everything, the color and the layout and yes, the widget. You did a great job dear. :)

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Mizé said...

Hi Liza.
Really? Oh, it´s just a free layout. Now you...you have Viehl as a designer, high quality work :)
Well, I did what I could and I´m happy to know you enjoyed it.