European Cosmetic Prices and Information

I recently wrote about plastic surgery and how it helped me regaining confidence in myself.
While researching to write about this topic, I found that prices can vary much and depend on the country in which you use the services. For example, in US and UK prices are much higher than in Central Europe, countries such as Czech Republic or Poland. Services are the same but once we live in a free market, professionals can charge what they think it´s adequate.
If you´d like to make price comparison, there´s a website, called Cosmetic Plastic Surgery, where you can check different specialities. In this website you´ll find Breast Augmentation Prices, Liposuction and the main aesthetical treatments. The website also provides information about Orthopedics, Ophthalmology, Dentistry, Infertility treatment and it´s a good resource to check prices charged in this part of Europe.

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