A Special Birthday

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Hi everyone.
Today is the birthday of my bestfriend ever, a special person from my hometown which has the nick name "Society Reject".
Happy Birthday S!
I wish you all the best in this world!
We just talked on the phone for a couple of hours. It´s been some time since we last talked but this person is often present in my thoughts. Life has this things...we meet and talk when we can.
Anyway, if she comes to visit Night Clicks, I hope she reads this post :)
I couldn´t help blogging about it, I´m so happy we talked today. She´s a great friend and understands me well. She knows me since I was a child and, although we live in different cities, we´re still friends. You know the feeling, you´re understood and you can be yourself, real friendship that´s what it is :)

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maria said...

Happy birthday S! It's good that you still get to communicate. I have not talked to my bestfriend in high school since we both got married.


Mizé said...

Hi Maria.
Thanks for commenting. I´m sure she´ll be happy when she checks my post.
Oh, I also lost a few friends when we all got married. Specially because I moved to another region of my country but there are two friends that are special and we keep in touch, Christmas, birthdays, and when we can.
Good Friday xx

Sand said...

Ty for remembering my Bday baby :P

U are in my heart forever, my greatest friend. Luv ya!

Mizé said...

Olá Linda.
Obrigado por apareceres!
Lembro-me muitas mais vezes de ti...
Bjs, Mizé.