Resources for Students

In my student life I had many challenges. When I look back, my memories take me to a few important moments of transition in national schools, specially in University.
I started University in a transition period called "Bologna Process" which includes most European countries.
This process requires more responsibilities from students in their studies. Students are expected to adopt a self-study attitude and teacher´s role is less expository.
With this changes, students need to study on their own and the teacher only provides guidance in our learning path. This self studies can include essays, book reports, or research papers and are done both individual and in group. Each subject requires, at least, three self-studies each semester which are easier to do in group.
Most of this self-studies require research in books and articles but you can also find good resources online. If you like to reaearch online, you can find free term papers in Allfreeessays website. Allfreeessays provides free essays and term papers written by students which you can access for free after registration. You can also contribute to the website with your own papers.
As you know, plagiarism is very wrong, you always need to include other author´s references when you write your own coursework. This free essays website can be one resource to get ideas to write your own papers.

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