We Went to Kid´s Carnival Parade

Hi everyone. A good weekend to all.
Carnival arrived. This weekend there´s party everywhere :)
I don´t celebrate Carnival anymore but my daughter does. Today, she was very excited because there was a Carnival parade for kids from all Faro´s schools. This year, she went to the parade as a clown. She decided to dress as a poor clown some weeks ago so we had enough time to prepare everything.
My mother made her a very nice pair of colorful clown trousers which last Wednesday arrived by mail. We also bought facepaint and some accessories, such as fake hair and nose. The fun part was she insisted in using my husband´s old shoes. Nedless to say, she fell twice because of that but she didn´t mind about it.
When we arrived home, my daughter said she had a great time today. I won´t forget how funny she looked dressed as a poor clown. One of her favorite birthday presents was a magician´s box and she loves the circus so her choice wasn´t that strange to us.
A good Carnival weekend to all that celebrate it!

Image source: Carnival masks in Italy

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