Search Engine For Local Businesses

When we use major search engines to find information on the Internet one thing we always need to do is filter results. This is also true for regional searches, specially when you´re looking for very specific information such as a company in our region.
If you use the Internet to search for local businesses, you can use Website. Zipweb is a search engine for local business search. Instead of listing big business results first this search engine always prioritizes local results.
Zipweb is a good tool to save time and find precise information on local businesses. With Zipweb users can save search locations, get directions and contact local merchants trough phone or e-mail. If you live in USA you can also perform searches by state and categories.
Zipweb is also an advertising tool to promote any business. You can get your business listed on this local search engine and have access to the different features this service provides. When you list your business, you can create descriptions or content about services and goods offered by your company, create your own zipweb website, add photos and testimonials.
When you sign up you can opt to receive special offers, sale announcements and special events information from participating local merchants. If you subscribe you can also get zipweb news and get informed about current events on your local Internet.

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Anonymous said...

I will check up on this, I love to learn new skills!

Mizé said...

Hi Jenai.
Thanks for your visit and comment.
If you´re looking only for local business, this tool is interesting.
Good Tuesday!