Music Monday XIV

Hi everyone.
My pick for this week´s MM is Robbie Williams - Live in Knebworth 2003, with the music "Feel".
Robbie Williams´music is very popular in Portuguese radios. I started enjoying his music since his first album. Hope you like this live version of Feel.
Happy Monday!

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Mariuca said...

Hi Mize, RW is a hottie, I love him! :):):)

Mariuca said...

happy MM to you dearie! :)

Monica said...

oh this is a great song; I love it Mize!

Mizé said...

Hi Girls!
Thanks for visiting my MM!

Mizé said...

Hi Mariuca!
Yes, I totally agree. RW has a good voice and matching looks.
At first, I thought he was just another prety face but with time I started enjoying his tunes.
Happy MM and blogging!

Mizé said...

Hi Monica!
Hope you had a good time in your trip.
You have good taste! He´s cool isn´t he?
Happy Tuesday xx

Liza said...

Hi Mize,

Yes I finally joined, hehe, and I'm having fun. :D It's the first time I heard this song and I like it. Perfect for V-Day. Great choice.

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