Charity Event for BMW Owners: 4ngiefest

If you live in USA and you own a BMW, don´t forget that 4angiefest is in Saturday, April 4th.
4angiefest annual meet, now in it´s third edition, takes place in Stone Mountain Park, near Atlanta, but anyone can go.
4ngiefest BMW event started by Angie H. as a local meeting but grew and expanded to other activities such as an online car forum community. They are a registered 5013c organization which is oriented to BMW owners, cars and motorcycles.
Every year, this non-profit organization sells merchandise and collects private donations which are all sent to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.
Last year, 4angiefest donated $1,300 to this society but this year they want to exceed this amount. To reach their goal, and donate even more money to this noble cause they need everyone´s participation.

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