Blogger Status: Busy as a Bee, Again...

Hi everyone.
As my post tittle says, I´m busy as a bee.
I have so many online chores to do that I don´t know where to turn.
Before I forget everything I need to do, I´m listing my pending chores:

~ 2 blog awards from Mathias Chronicles to My Countryhome
~ 1 blog award from Food, Fun & Farm Life to My Countryhome
~ Night Clicks Awards, a bunch of them bestowed by Mariuca
~ 2 Blog tags to do, one from Lainy and another from Mariuca
~ February Top Droppers posts in five of my blogs - Two posts done;
~ Update my food blogs and answer reader´s questions
~ Answer comments - Half done;
~ Use my new domain.

Now, add this list reviews, interim posts, searching for new jobs, EC drops, returning comments and visiting friend´s blogs. Plus, updating my other blogs. Tired already?
Running a blog isn´t easy, now multiply all the work by 7, it´s crazy I know. I need 48 hours days, urgently :)
At least, I have a "To Do" list. If I forgot any award or tag, please remind me because due to so much chores I sometimes forget stuff.
See you soon.

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Mira said...

Wow, you've got a busy day or week ahead of you. Goodluck! Happy Wednesday afternoon. The little tot is napping so mommy is dropping, he he he.