Food Niche & Adsense

Hi everyone.
Hope you´re all having a good Sunday. I´m at home in a sunny Sunday doing housechores, returning drops and blogging.
I recently wrote a post about my wish to improve Adsense earnings, remember?
Well, I´ve been working on it. I wanted to start another blog in Portuguese (easier for me to create content) but I wasn´t sure which niche would be more profitable so I had to do my research homework.
I spent a few days analysing data and concluded that Portuguese food niche still has space for me so I went ahead and started another blog.
My blogging goals are:
~ Share my recipes with Portuguese speaking community;
~ Apply my SEO knowledge to have search engine traffic, like my art blog;
~ Attract ads that pay well for each click.
I still don´t know why people click ads but that doesn´t matter much, as long as they keep clicking :)
So far, I´m happy with results. My new food blog has only one month, around ten posts, and it already has SE traffic. I haven´t earned much but I´m positive that my plan will work.
And you, do you have any tips to improve earnings?

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