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I recently wrote a post about Michael Jackson comeback. I read he will be playing 50 concerts. If you´re in Europe, you´ll be able to see him at the O2 Arena in London 2009 and 2010. Tickets sales have skyrocketed but you can still buy them at "Get Me In" website. This website is a secure marketplace where fans can buy and sell concert tickets. To buy Michael Jackson tickets you can check out all the offers in this site.

Another group that recently announced a new tour was U2, one of my favorites since teenager. U2 tickets are expected to go on sale on the 20th of March and I bet they will sell out quickly. I don´t know where they´re going to play but I´m sure this tour will be a success.

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Empty Streets said...

Hi Mize,

taking time out from a very busy schedule just to see how you were :) Wow MJ is preparing for a comeback?? hmmmm it could be both good or bad - more like a gamble but let us see what happens when it happens :) Miss yah much ;) xoxo

Mira said...

U2 came to MA and had a concert in a very small venue and tickets were not for sale. Fans can win tickets in a radio contest. So it was pandemonium outside the venue, fans hoping to get tickets. Anyway, I love their songs and I would just rather watch them on TV, he he.

Hey tks for always stopping by, and happy Sunday afternoon to you and your family.

Shinade said...

Now I could definitely get into U2!! My daughter and I saw The Stones in Austin, TX. last year and they were fantastic even if they are all old men now!!

They put on one heck of a show and you would have though Mick was still a teenager with his moves!!

Hey thanks for being my first commentator. You got the link love!!

Happy day and week Mize'!!


Mizé said...

Hi Metz!
Oh... you´re the best! Moving from your busy schedule to visit me!
I´m honoured and blessed to have meet such great friends trough EC, like you, Jackie, Marzie, Monica, Lisa, Mira, etc.
Michael Jackson probably needs some more cash to spend on his excentric tastes, Lol.
Let´s see how it works, I´m curious too :)
About me:
I´m hanging day at the time. I´m doing plans for the future and looking for a job.
Will visit you soon.
Hugs from Portugal xxx

Mizé said...

You´re welcome dear!
Oh really, that´s a different gig, I can imagine fan´s hysteria :)
I saw U2 in the 90th, in a football stadium in Lisbon, it was a good show. I wouldn´t mind seing them again. I really like live concerts!
It´s not the same as TV :)
Good week ahead!

Mizé said...

Hi Jackie!
Me too! I wouldn´t mind seing U2 again. Hey, we could go toguether :)
Stones are cool too, I also saw them but it was in the 90th. You´re very lucky to be in US, you have all the best concerts there. Good groups only come to Portugal once in a decade, lol.
I would love to see Led Zepplin too.
Oh, I was your FC! Thanks for the link love.
Good week ahead xxx